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    • Course Introduction & Disclaimer

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    How to Prepare for Alimony Negotiations

    • Alimony: One of the Most Difficult Issues to Resolve in a Divorce

    • 4 Types of Alimony

    • 5 Options for Negotiating When Alimony Will End

    • 5 Approaches to Negotiating an Alimony Amount

    • Options for Dealing with Variable, Bonus, or Non-Traditional Income

    • Key Takeaways


  • Is the content in the course useful no matter what state I live in?

    Yes! The information contained in this course is applicable no matter where you live in the United States.

  • I live outside the United States. Will this course work for me?

    No. The materials contained in our course only apply to divorce in the United States.

  • Will any other course participants see that I am taking this course?

    Enrollment is completely confidential - you will not see other students and they will not see you. You can simply log in and access the content at your own convenience, whenever you would like!

  • How long will I have access to the content?

    You will have access to the course for one year from your date of purchase. And if additional content is added to the course during that time, you will have access to the new content also.

  • Does this course include the forms I need to file my own divorce?

    No. This is not a DIY divorce product, it is a PREPARING FOR DIVORCE course.

  • I am secretly preparing for divorce and don’t want my spouse to know I bought your course. How will it show on my credit card?

    On your credit card, your purchase will show as "EMS, LLC." In addition, you will receive an email receipt after you purchase the course, and Equitable Mediation Services will be listed on that receipt. So if you share an email address with your spouse and don't want them to see the receipt emailed to you after you purchase the course, you would need to use a private email address your spouse does not use.

The Best Way to Prepare for Divorce is to Take Our Course!